Our Story

Dumenil Champagne Limited was born out of a visit to La Grande Montagne de Reims region of France. On coming across a chateau bearing the Duménil family name and tasting the classical pedigree champagnes we were inspired to embark on becoming the UK importer. We returned from the visit with several bottles for personal consumption and were greatly encouraged by the sincere praise it received from friends and family with it soon becoming the first choice at occasions such as birthdays and weddings. We decided to introduce this pedigree champagne to sommeliers and wine merchants and where further praise was given.

The vineyards in La Grande Montagne de Reims region were originally owned by the prestigious abbey of Saint Rémi and cared for by the abbey’s monks and are all now classified as Premier Cru. Public records in the region bear mention of the Duménil family going back as far as the reign of Louis IV with the Duménil champagne business being established in 1874. Five generations later the family continues to tend the vines that grow on soil above a deep layer of chalk, contributing to the elegance and freshness of the wines. I have not yet concluded whether the UK Dumenil is part of the same branch but we wish to keep the name very much part of this business. Started by Tim Dumenil, it is run by Nicholas, Michael and Katharyn Dumenil, out of London with distribution across the whole of the British Isles.

All wines are matured for a minimum of 3 years in precious bottles and shipped here privately for your personal consumption.

Private tastings can be organised.